‘Tis the Season: Top 10 Favourite Holiday Food & Drinks

It’s the little things during the holiday season that bring you the most joy and leave you with magical memories. Relaxing with loved ones, hunting for the perfect Christmas tree, the smell of your favourite holiday dish floating throughout the house. For us, cooking up something delicious food & tasty drinks to enjoy with our families & friends is what makes our hearts sing; it’s how we show our love. This holiday season we wanted to show our love to all of you as well, because honestly, we all need as much love as possible this year and help you level-up your holiday food & drink game. (Good-bye 2020! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!)

From our homes to yours, our team has shared their top 10 favourite holiday food & drinks to share with you. So, gather up your ingredients,  your family & friends, and enjoy creating more magical memories together. This collection of recipes is perfect for casual gatherings, more formal sit-down dinners or a zoom party with your family.

You could even send the recipes you love from this list to your friends & family who you can’t be together in person with this year and host a holiday cocktail hour or feast.


1. Gingerbread Bites with Pears & Gorgonzola

This bite-sized treat strikes the perfect balance of savoury & sweet for everyone to enjoy Kick-off your holiday gathering with this morsel to give your guests a taste of the deliciousness to come.

gingerbread wanaka new zealand holiday christmas wedding

Photo: Charlotte Kiri Photography

2. Summer Stone Fruit, Tomato & Burrata Panzanella Salad

Summer stone fruit & cheese is a winner in our books for any meal, but this salad takes it to a holiday-worthy favourite with the burrata and freshly baked ciabatta bread. This salad is so great for entertaining as you can make it completely in advance. Then all you need to do before serving is add the burrata, a little olive oil, and some fresh basil and voila, it’s ready to eat!

summer stone fruit wedding wanaka new zealand christmas holiday

3. Salt & Vinegar Smashed Potatoes

In our opinion, no meal is complete without a really good potato side dish and this one is beyond good. It’s like the elevated holiday version of salt & vinegar crisps, meaning it will have everyone, from the wee ones to grandad, reaching for a second serving.

potatoes wedding holiday christmas wanaka new zealand4. Garlic-herb Marinated Grilled Lamb with Mint Pesto

Bring a little flavour into your feast for the meat-lovers with this delicious grilled lamb dish with bright and fresh mint pesto.

5. Pomegranate Glazed Salmon with Braised Fennel

This simple, delicious and dare we say, nutritious is a crowd-pleaser! It is fresh & light but packs a huge flavour punch! Don’t like fennel? This dish is still for you, simply swap in broccolini  or Brussel sprouts (if you can find them!)

salmon wedding food holiday wanaka new zealand

6. Pomegranate Rosé Holiday Margarita

Keeping with the pomegranate theme, this twist on the classic appeals to both tequila drinkers & Rosé lovers alike. The aromas of strawberries and raspberry present in many Central Otago rose wines will pair with the floral pomegranate notes to provide an exciting sensory experience. Once you try this twist, there will be no turning back!

pomegranate rose margarita wedding christmas hoiliday wanaka new zealand

7. Cherry Hibiscus Vodka Spritz

Sweet summer cherries, hibiscus, lemon, and a splash of vodka come together to make this refreshing pitcher cocktail. This pretty & delicious drink is the perfect addition to your holiday cocktail hour.

8. Cheery Bourbon “Mojito”

Central Otago cherries, there is nothing like them and as you can see we try to incorporate them into anything they can during their short season. This bourbon mojito features our beloved cherries, fresh basil, thyme lemon, ginger beer, bourbon & Cointreau to help you and your guests feel extra cheery this holiday season.

bourbon cocktail mojito christmas holiday wedding wanaka

9. White Christmas Mojito

This is about as close to a white Christmas that we can get for a Wanaka Christmas, but this is all we need to feel uber-festive. This creamy coconut White Christmas mojito will give you those Christmas feels with a tropical flavour. The best of both hemispheres; sign me up!

wedding holidays christmas mojito wanaka new zealand10. Krch’s Famous Eggnog

This creamy eggnog has been passed around to friends and family for decades. While not so popular here in New Zealand, anyone from North America will tell you this is a holiday tradition that cannot be missed. We recommend enjoying this thick, creamy liquid gold for dessert or along with dessert on a hot summer day.

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Happy Holidays from the Aspiring Catering Team!

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